Finn Wolfhard Fiercely Rocks New Hairstyle


Stranger Things fans could not stop raging over Wolfhard’s new hairstyle.

Wolfhard took to Instagram to channel his inner rockstar vibes and intense, confident stare featuring 80’s inspired bangs. We could be seeing him sport a similar cut later on in the Netflix series. With this change happening in the actor’s life, you can suspect it caused an uproar to his fan base and a positive one at that.

We are unclear if Wolfhard is taking on this new look for a specific role or personal appreciation, but either way, we are living for it. The unique personality look shows who Wolfhard is behind the character of Mike from Stranger Things. The young star also has a band called CalpurniaWith his acting roles and musical ambitions, his hairstyle is serving an energetic vibe for where he is in his life.


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Even Instyle Magazine has jumped in on the buzz comparing the new look to Patti Smith familiar hair-do.