Netflix Plans To Stop The Oversharing of Passwords


Netflix is planning on bringing an end to sharing passwords with your siblings, cousins, and their cousins very soon. 

We all thought we’d be able to use Netflix and never have to pay because we got the password to our friends or family members’ accounts. Netflix has caught up with the idea, and they are not okay with it. They recently announced that they are planning to put a stop to the abuse of sharing account passwords. Some people have even gone out to ask strangers for their Netflix accounts.

It sounds terrible to us Netflix users because we’ve gone all these years thinking we had such great strategies to find out it’ll all be going away soon. However, looking at it from Netflix’s point of view, you can’t blame them for having these intentions. Imagine how much more money they’d be making if they limited the sharing access on passwords. Sharing subscriptions will no longer be this easy.

As of now, Netflix hasn’t released any statements on how they’d continue with this plan. However, they did share intentions to keep track of limit IP addresses, which could be a hassle if you’re sharing your account with anyone outside of your household.

Watch out for what surprises Netflix plans to bring to us soon. Don’t be surprised when you get kicked off your cousin’s Netflix account, either.