Celebrities Go from Hollywood to YouTube

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You may be aware that YouTube can take ordinary people and turn them into stars, but now, Hollywood’s top celebs have turned to the platform to become some of the hottest vloggers. 

Justin Bieber started out as a YouTube sensation which quickly led to his success as one of the most recognizable stars today. Now, A-list celebs are expanding their presence to the video-sharing service. As the popularity of vlogging rises, some videos are now reaching millions of views and their creators earning thousands of dollars. You can’t blame celebs for making the leap.

Josh Peck, better known as “Josh Nichols” from Nickelodeon’s hit show Drake and Josh, currently has 3.37 million subscribers on YouTube. He vlogs regularly and collaborates on occasion with YouTube celebs such as David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and many others. Watch his first-ever vlog below.

If Josh Peck excites you, you’ll be happy to hear that a variety of celebrities are doing the same.

Terence Patrick/CBS

Did someone say, Zac Efron? Yep, he takes you behind the scenes of his travel adventures and workout vids.

For the hair, fashion and beauty connoisseurs of the world, check out Victoria Secret angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Although she may be new to the platform she features top beauty and hair artists that share their most coveted secrets.

YouTube has become a game-changer in the social media world. If you need a how-to tutorials, advice, or simply are just bored; explore the celebrities and their attention catching videos on the platform.