Brighten Your Day with a Positive Message from Camila Cabello

Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Honest artist, Camila Cabello, shared an encouraging message with fans on Instagram.

Mental health is so important, and Camila Cabello has recently reminded fans to take some personal time on her Instagram page.

Cabello advised everyone reading that struggling against struggle is not a good idea and that we must remain in tune with what we need to be happy. This positive message comes after her fantastic performance at the #wecansurvive concert for cancer awareness/survivors. The singer lamented on the event writing “we love you, we stand with you, and we were singing for you”.

Cabello has again reminded everyone why she has remained such a superstar in the media; she has a big heart. This kindness has earned Cabello much praise on her socials. Her fan base has flocked to the comments to thank her for being a light in their lives.

Cabello’s post reminds us all that even celebrities have days where they feel down. There is no shame in putting your own needs first. Even superstars struggle, and there is nothing wrong with admitting when you aren’t okay. Fans should definitely want to follow in Cabello’s footsteps to start spreading positive vibes, as we all could use some.