Liam Payne’s First Solo Album Will Drop in December

Republic Records

Liam Payne’s debut album, LP1, is set to hit stores Dec. 6, so you can now wrap up the perfect Christmas gift. 

Fans have been patiently waiting for the premiere of Payne’s album to release since his solo song “Strip That Down” featuring artist Quevo. Payne let his secret out by announcing to Twitter with a high-definition GIF of his face and the reveal included in the tweet. He then went on to thank his fans for the support throughout the years and explained how he is excited to share his creation with them. He added another tweet that compiled a 10-second video compilation of his fans, asking when the album is going to be released numerous times. In the meantime, check out his latest songs like “Stack it up” and “Savage” that are going to be featured on his full album in December. The last thing fans are asking is, “Can we expect a tour, soon?”

Jason Hetherington

.@BBCtheoneshow asked the same question we are all asking, watch the video below to hear Payne’s answer.

Watch his official video for “Stack It Up” below.