Check out Tati Westbrooks’ New Makeup Line


Tati Westbrook is making the most out of 2019 with the launch of her makeup line, Tati Beauty.

On her Twitter, Tati Westbrook hinted that some very big news would be coming from her soon. The YouTube star did not disappoint anxious fans when she later announced that she would be releasing a new makeup brand.

Around a year ago Westbrook announced a line of beauty-boosting supplements called Halo Beauty. However, some of her fans wanted a makeup line from the guru.

Westbrook has often told her followers that they would see no makeup brand launch from her unless she could contribute something truly new to the beauty community. It appears that the YouTuber has found something unique to share with fans, as her new brand’s Instagram launched on October 16th. The first post was a beauty positive statement “beautiful is your story to tell” and the next was a shot of a stunning eyeshadow palette.


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Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities #tatibeauty #texturedneutrals #justgettingstarted

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The responses from her followers have been largely positive; many are anxiously waiting for the announced launch date October 25th.