Keep an Eye out for a Nicki Minaj and Adele Collab


Artist Adele has not been secretive about her love of fellow artist Nicki Minaj, and now it seems the two musicians may be teaming up. 

On October 15th, Minaj let it slip to ET that she had pieced together an “epic” song with artist Adele. According to Minaj, the news was supposed to remain secret from the public, but she couldn’t contain her excitement. The star also suggested that the the pair had already shot a video for the song.

Watch the video of Nicki speaking about the upcoming collab below.

Minaj didn’t go into too much detail on her potential new track with Adele, however, she did say open up about working with Ariana Grande.

Grande executive produced Nicki Minaj’s last album, and the artist praised Grande for her hard work and dedication for the record. Minaj revealed that she and Ariana Grande are actually close friends outside of the music world.

When posed with a question on the prior mentioned potential collab, Minaj said she had only been joking. However, since the word is out, who knows what could come of this music pairing.