Watch Kim Petras Serve Looks in the ‘Icy’ Music Video

Kim Petras gets glam, alluring, and gets inside an actual ice cube in her new music video for “Icy.”

Kim Petras debuted the music video for her fan-favorite song,”Icy” from her second studio album, Clarity.  The music video includes Petras with various fashionable looks and amazing scenes to give the music video a chill vibe. The video opens up with a shot of ice and then transitions to Petras in a silver dress inside a cube box. The video features five different looks with different backgrounds; one scene includes Petras with glitter on her face surrounded by ice cubes.

“Icy” is Petras’s first visual from her album Clarity since the release on June 27. The song has grown to be beloved by listeners because of the relatable emotional lyrics and pop, electronic production intertwined with passionate meaning. Many fans were excited about the release of the “Icy” music video when Petras announced the premiere on her Twitter. Fans on Twitter were overjoyed to see the new music video since “Icy” is the first video from her album.

Since the release of “Icy,” many fans are enjoying the different visuals and looks in Petras’ video. One of the looks in the video is Petras with wavy blonde hair with silver hair accessories, similar to Marilyn Monroe’s type of glamour, but modern. On Twitter, fans are already highlighting the wavy, glamorous look and stating Petras’s video is original, and other artists aren’t like her.

Watch Kim Petras’ piercing, stylish and creative music video.