Tyler, The Creator Takes on a New Persona


The reviews from rapper Tyler, The Creator’s recent show have been mixed, but we all can agree the performance was inspiring.

For some, the moment he appeared on stage casually walking out in shades, a pink and red suit, and a blonde bob wig, we all stood stunned. On Thursday night, the 28-year-old rapper thoroughly electrified the crowd with a striking display of one of music’s most memorable artistic transitions in history.

This persona rightfully named IGOR, based on his most recent album, is seen as more than a jumpy and contouring character who wails for a boy who has driven him love-crazy. The more recent album offered a sharp-edged concept that focused more on love and was produced by Tyler on his own. The amount of love and support Tyler has received from his fellow artist on this change in his craft has grown enormously over time, included at his recent concert where ScHoolboy q is seen jamming out and wearing a wing similar to the artist.

This change in the culture is just what we needed for an artist to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment and have his fans love him even more for it. Keep up with the great work Tyler; much love, support, and excitement for what is to come next.