Summer Walker and Ari Lennox Talk Being ‘Over It’


In this hilarious interview, Summer Walker and Ari Lennox talk all the things they are over.

With wine glasses full, Summer Walker sat down with Ari Lennox to discuss everything she is over inspired by her new album, Over It. The dynamic duo discussed everything from monogamy, waxing, and natural hair among other things that Summer is ready to let go of. The two also touched on how addicting and toxic social media can be. Ari Lennox mentions how she wishes she could take a break from social media. Walker continues the conversation in agreement and mentions that during gatherings, people should at least put their phones away and enjoy each other.

This interview comes days after Walker’s new album, Over It, debuted on October 4, 2019. Summer has always mentioned how inspired she is by Ari Lennox and how soulful she sees the singer. Both artists deliver a sultry sound that grabs listeners attention through their lyrics so we can see why they would both be inspired by each other.

Apple Music: Over It with Summer Walker and Ari Lennox

Summer Walker and Ari Lennox talk about everything they are over. From dating apps to periods, to bras, there is no filter during this wine filled conversation. Stream the R&B Now playlist only on Apple Music #SummerWalker #OverIt #AriLennox

Watch the Apple Music interview from the two Aries queens.