China Anne McClain Receives a Tyler Perry Studios Star


China Anne McClain receives recognition for her contributions to Tyler Perry Studios at the debut of Tyler Perry’s brand new film studio in Atlanta.  

China Anne McClain was among various celebrities who received recognition at the launch of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The studio is the first African American film studio lot that features multiple sets and film locations for different Tyler Perry projects. Actors who have starred in Tyler Perry movies and TV shows received their own Tyler Perry Star, celebrating their work and contribution to the studio.

China Anne McClain has starred in various Tyler Perry productions such as Madea’s Family Reunion, Daddy’s Little Girls, Tyler Perry’s House of Pain, and recently her recurring role in Tyler Perry’s The Paynes, for OWN Network.

In celebration of getting her Star, McClain posted herself in front of her film star, stating she felt very honored. She also stated she was thrilled to receive it in front of people like Oprah and Denzel Washington who she’s always respected in the industry.

Many fans were very excited for McClain to receive her star at the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios. One fan on Twitter stated McClain deserved her recognition because of her hard work, humbleness and kindness that she gives to the world.

We can’t deny that China Anne McClain definitely deserved her amazing star for her incredible work for Tyler Perry and on other projects.