The Official Trailer for Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ Has Been Released

Walt Disney Studios

Jungle Cruise features an epic ride with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt full of laughter and mystery as they cascade into the jungle. 

We know you’ve heard about the two stars being featured together in the upcoming Disney film Jungle Cruise, but have you seen the trailer? The film is features a boat skipper, Dwayne, who takes Blunt’s character and her brother on a determined mission to find a tree with magical healing powers. The film is full of action by fighting off not only humans but mythical characters as well. A short teaser for the film was released back in late August that had “The Rock,” saying it’s about heroic a man fighting off trouble and saving a girl in the end. The recent trailer had The Rock’s role seems a bit smaller in comparison to her role in which she is on a conquest to seek knowledge and truth.

Watch the newest official trailer below!

Check out Johnson’s and Blunt’s special moment together at D23 Expo.

The movie is set to hit theaters near you July 24, 2020.

Fun fact: Jungle Cruise was the only attraction to exist in Adventure-land on Disney’s Opening Tribute Day in 1955.