Harry Styles Spreads Positivity and Reveals New Music Is on the Way

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Harry Styles created a website that produces positive messages for fans and hints at new music.

Harry Styles’s last musical project, Harry Styles, was released two years ago as his first studio album. Many critics and fans enjoyed Styles’ lyrics, the pop and alternative mixtures incorporated into the studio album, as well as the visuals for “Sign of the Times.” Since the release of “Harry Styles,” Styles has toured, covered Rolling Stone, starred in his first film “Dunkirk,” and hosted his first Met Gala.

However, on Thursday, Oct. 10, Styles posted a poster with the title “Do You Know Who You Are?” This cryptic message might be his next single he’s going to release this year. With news about possible new music from Styles, fans are already super excited about the release.  Fans on Twitter are already ecstatic about the announcement; they can’t wait for the tour and the new album. Under one fan’s tweet, Harry encourages his fan to go to therapy instead of trying to keep it on pause for the new album.

Styles not only encouraged therapy to fans in honor of World Mental Health Day, but he also created a website that produces positive personal messages for supporters. The site generates compliments, such as you are bright, fearless, awesome, extraordinary, sweet creature, and many other positive sentiments. The post continues with Harry Styles’ known message of  TPWK–”Treat People With Kindness.” Fans can go to the website, type their names, and receive their message from Styles. The hashtag #DoYouKnowWhoYou Are is trending on Twitter. Fans are posting the positive messages they received from the website on Twitter, along with the hashtag.

Harry Styles is giving fans more than just music; he’s spreading mental health awareness and positivity. Look out for new music from Harry Styles very soon.