Tyler Perry Shares His Feelings of Being Ignored in Hollywood

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Tyler Perry has been known for all of his great productions and especially his Madea films, yet he feels his hard work goes unnoticed. 

An abundance of people dream of being recognized and hired to act in a Tyler Perry film. He brings actors and actresses of the Black community into the limelight that many deserve to be in. It is a clear passion of his to lift up the Black community. He recently independently opened the largest filming studio ever created. Even with this great accomplishment, and his many others, in his opinion he doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves.


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During a recent interview with CBS, Perry shared his thoughts stating that he clearly believes and understands why he is ignored in Hollywood. However, he expresses that the industry doesn’t understand everything he’s done for the Black community, nor do they understand the work he creates. Being that his audiences are African-Americans, he targets their attention directly. He does so by writing in proper dialects and presenting details in a way that resonates with the community. He states ” Hollywood doesn’t necessarily speak the language.

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Regardless of feeling downplayed in Hollywood, Perry plans to continue to push his career forward and aim higher with each new project. His main goal at the moment is to continue creating opportunities for minority groups in a way where they will get to be represented. Tyler Perry clearly understands the difficulties minorities face, and is always thrilled when he is able to witness these groups of professionals coming alive on set and getting the chance to do what they love.

While Tyler Perry may feel unrecognized in Hollywood, his passions and good works will last a lifetime.