Oprah Surprises Students at Morehouse College with a $13 Million Donation

John Paul Filo/CBS

Oprah is a true advocate for education and excellence with her grand donation to Morehouse College, her endowment is now the largest in the school’s history. In 1989, the “Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program” was generated to fund the education of 600 scholars at Morehouse, an all men’s historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The young men of Morehouse College greeted Oprah with beautiful roses, a song, and a portrait for the scholarship fund.

Throughout the history of this collegiate program, Oprah funded $12 million towards the efforts of providing and assisting with resources for the chosen scholars of her program. On Monday, Oprah attended the 30th anniversary of the “Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program” and donated an additional $13 million to the cause, combining her total funds to $25 million. Her endowment now marks the largest in Morehouse College history.

As a historically black college/university (HBCU), it’s extremely pivotal that the necessary attention and donations are continuously being distributed to our future black leaders. A majority of HBCU’s are typically underfunded and lack the proper recourses to continue on the pursuit of education through the fundamentals of black history and culture. People like Robert Smith, who just recently distributed $34 million to pay off the debt of Morehouse College’s 2019 graduates, and Oprah Winfrey, who continue to pour into the education system, are true leaders in a movement that will hopefully extend to more HBCU’s overtime.