Watch Noah Cyrus Levitate in New Video

Photo: Disney Channel/Image Group LA

After giving us all a good cry from her latest single, Noah Cyrus is back with an emotional music video that takes her to new heights. 

“Lonely”, The black and white music video, released on Oct. 7, has Noah Cyrus first appearing lying on the floor surrounded by choir members in black robes. The singer goes into personal detail on feeling disconnected from family life and friends, especially at such a young age.

She professes to fans that this new video and song truly embody her essence.

Her body then begins to levitate before our eyes, shocking the people covered in black robes around her. As she comes back down to the ground, we can assume she is hoping to represent her fear of isolation as it slowly sinks in. The artist wants us to see what it could feel like to be lonely even when you have dozens of people around you or in your life. Cyrus personally handpicked her choir video members from the LGBT Center’s Music Program.

Photo: Disney Channel/Image Group LA

Finding strength, among others and herself, Cyrus creates an uproar with her artistically created video creation.

We are so excited that Noah Cyrus seems to be making music she is truly passionate about. We cannot wait to see what the artist does next.