Rihanna Announces a Self-Titled Visual Autobiography Book

Phaidon Publishing

Rihanna’s autobiographical self-titled book, Rihanna, showcases photography from her life, fashion moments, music, concerts, and more fantastic moments.

Rihanna is releasing a collection of unseen photographs for her first book, published by Phaidon. The visual book will be titled Rihanna, showing insight into Rihanna’s life in Barbados, world tour and concerts, and intimate pictures of Rihanna with friends, family, and fans. The book is now available for preorder and begins shipping Oct. 24.

Phaidon Publishing

The book has 504 pages and 1,000 pictures documenting many moments of Rihanna that fans and many viewers have never seen before. Various photographers and artists are highlighted as features in the autobiography showcasing different moments like Rihanna’s 2015 amazing yellow Met Gala dress, and images of Rihanna in the process of making her albums such as Unapologetic and Anti.

On Instagram, Rihanna posted the announcement, stating Rihanna took five years to make, and she’s excited to share the collection to the world finally.

Rihanna also has three different limited editions. The editions include Rihanna: Fenty x Phaidon, Rihanna: Luxury Supreme, and Rihanna: Ultra Luxury Supreme. The three versions can all serve as coffee table books.

A few Twitter users are even planning to replace their Vogue covers for Rihanna’s fantastic book.

Check out Rihanna’s alluring visual autobiography on the Phaidon publishing website today.