Nick Jonas Joins ‘The Voice’

Photo: Steven Taylor

Nick Jonas announces that he will be joining the show The Voice while on The Ellen DeGeneres show

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

On Ellen’s show, which will be airing on Oct. 8, the Jonas Brothers will be the featured guests. During the interview session, Ellen convinces Nick Jonas into announcing his big news a day early for the audience. To break the news before Nick could, Ellen shows a clip of the coaches on The Voice, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend greeting Jonas with a warm and comical welcome for being the newest team member of next season.

Judge Blake Shelton does what he does best, and tries to make Nick laugh with his commentary poking fun at the artist, asking if Nick has what it takes to be a coach. John Legend shows that he wishes to ally with Nick, teaming up against coach Blake Shelton.

Nick makes it clear that because of how long he has been in show business, and because of his young age, he holds an advantage compared to the country singer. Ellen ends the interview with her famous scare tactic towards the three brothers with a man dressed like the country singer jumping out next to them. She also took to Twitter to poke fun at the artist.

We are super excited to see what this new season of The Voice will bring to the stage, especially with newest coach member, Nick Jonas.