Charli XCX Announces a New Music Video for ‘White Mercedes’

Marcus Cooper/Atlantic Records

Charli XCX announces a new music video for “White Mercedes” that will be released this week, featuring spectacular visuals and effects.

Charli XCX is debuting another music video for one of her popular tracks, “White Mercedes,” from her new album Charli.  “White Mercedes” is one of Charli’s tracks that’s more emotional and featured as a pop ballad.  Charli recently released a music video in September for “2099” ft Troye Sivan with jet skis and crazy jet ski tricks. “White Mercedes” is going to be another fantastic visual appealing music video, featuring burning cars, Charli singing in an upside-down car, and fashion pieces from Dilara Findikoglu.

Charli announced the music video for “White Mercedes” on Saturday, Oct 6. The video will be directed by Colin Solal Cardo, who previously directed Charli’s music video for “Gone.”


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White Mercedes video coming soon… comment YASSS below if you’re ready for this slayage 🖤

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Charli recently posted a short clip from the music video today, giving fans a preview of the beautiful cinematography in the music video. With news about Charli’s music video for “White Mercedes,” Charli XCX fans on Twitter are super excited about the effects and camera work featured in the music video, especially the upside-down car.

Look out for Charli XCX’s new music video this week for her pop ballad, “White Mercedes.”