Actress Laverne Cox Draws Attention to Important Supreme Court Case

Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment

The trans rights advocate has called for action from supporting communities as landmark civil rights cases reach the supreme court Oct. 8.

Actress Laverne Cox is calling attention to the Supreme Court’s re-evaluation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The highest court in America will be deciding if the term “sex” in the act means sexual orientation and identity. This is a major step for the trans-rights movement and could impact all queer communities. Cox has been in interviews and on the news advocating for awareness of this monumental moment.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Cox stated: “If the Supreme Court says it’s okay to discriminate against us in employment, then they’ll be like, ‘Oh, well, we can discriminate against you in health care, and then at HUD.”

The courts ruling can stop situations such as that of Annie Stephens from happening in the work place. Stephens was terminated from her position after telling her boss she had decided to live openly as a woman. Her boss decided that she was not adhering to his preconceived gender stereotypes and fired her.

Three upcoming Supreme Court cases will call on them to confirm that protections against gender stereotyping (protected by the Civil Rights Act) extends to those within the LGBTQ+ community.

Cox calls on all those who are within the LGTBQ+ community, as well as allies, to demand that the law protects them from discrimination. The cases have the ability to stabilize the financial opportunities of many, reduce homelessness, and lower rates of violence against trans people. Oct. 8 will be a life-changing day in America.