‘Big Mouth’ Season 3 Is Now Available on Netflix


The anticipation for “Big Mouth” season 3 to release on Netflix has finally come to an end.

“Big Mouth” is the comedic animated Netflix show based upon Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s preteen and teenage years in Westchester, New York. The Netflix series discusses Kroll and Goldberg’s difficulties with puberty and discusses the struggles of being adolescents. The show also highlights essential topics like abortion, planned parenthood, sexuality,  feminism, and women’s rights.


This season of “Big Mouth” also highlights the Me Too Movement and bisexuality into the show. On Twitter co-creator Nick Kroll posted some of the positive reviews coming in from the show’s season 3 premiere from critics.

Although Kroll might be looking only at the reviews from critics and popular media platforms, fans are already raving about the new season. Since the premiere of Season 3 debuted at midnight, “Big Mouth” fans have halted what they were doing, and are binge-watching the new season. The show is currently trending on Twitter because of the long-anticipated wait.

I was gonna handle my responsibilities tomorrow but Big Mouth season 3 is out so no.

Watch the fantastic, hilarious, new season of “Big Mouth” on Netflix.