Charlie XCX Took Her LA Concert to the Next Level


On October 1, the artist performed her cameo-packed concert without being seen, but allowed her voice to shine crystal-clear. 

The stage was dark and cloudy, but her voice echoed throughout. Charlie XCX planned on taking her audience to heaven, to the next level, and with her L.A performance, and she did just that. The 90-minute concert consisted of exhilarating music, light shows, and canons full of confetti to consume the crowds. The British pop star performed every one of her new tracks from her latest album. The famous singer added a few special guests to her live show that brought the audience to a frenzy. She performed her singles “Unlock it” and “Click” on stage with guest stars such as Kim Petras. Her new album has been said reveal her most personal stories to date. She made sure the crowd enjoyed themselves as much as she did, even urging fans to hop on each other’s shoulders.

Check out one of Charlie’s music videos below for her hit song “Boys.”

The artist shared some of her excitement on Twitter, and we can say, we are just as excited to see what this star will do next.