Netflix Announced ‘Stranger Things’ Will Return for Season 4

Stranger Things/ Netflix

Netflix original series, Stranger Things, is set to renew for season 4 with a new surprising twist.

Stranger Things creators, The Duffer Brothers, struck another big deal with Netflix to renew the hit series for another fantastic new season.

After the release of Season 3 with 40.7 million household accounts binge-watching the new season, viewers are obsessed with the Netflix series. The new deal is set to be up to a million dollars. Recently, the Stranger Things Twitter account released a new promo trailer clip of the new season, which features a surprise at the end. According to the clip, the setting of season 4 of Stranger Things won’t be set in Hawkin, Indiana like the other past seasons.

With news that Stranger Things won’t be in Hawkins, fans are already speculating this season will be in Russia. Fans are already super excited about the news and the new location of the show on Twitter. Last season of Stranger Things, the show highlighted some Russian influence into the plot and included some footage of a Russian laboratory. In addition, David Harbour’s character, Jim Hopper, fans speculate might be in Russia for characters to save, despite being assumed to be deceased after Season 3.

Season 4 of Stranger Things just got a little bit stranger compared to other past seasons.