Jonas Brothers Debut Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

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Performing three massive hits on NPR was everything we wanted to see and more while the Jonas Brothers celebrated Joe’s birthday. 

The brothers first went straight into their big hit, “Sucker.” Their live vocals filled the room with full intensity as Kevin led the brothers with instrumentals. Joe included his tambourine into the mix, a perfect touch for the vibe of the set. The trio then went into a discussion on their recently released album Happiness Begins and their personal lives as well. The performance leads to some light jazz sounds and other numbers from the band’s latest songs.

Kevin’s guitar sounded better than ever throughout the live show with the other brothers sang and played their instruments. A tiny red velvet cake was brought out to Joe by the end of the show as they all sang him “Happy Birthday.” The event ended with him blowing out his candles with his brothers by his side and presumably devouring the delicious cake, icing and all.

NPR did not hesitate to shout out the performance on Twitter.

Check out the most anticipated performance below.

We can’t wait to see what our favorite brothers do next.