Check out Nicki Minaj’s New Song and Collaboration with Fendi


Nicki Minaj’s favorite brand, Fendi, is now collaborating with the artist, as well as, PNB Rock, and Murda Beats for a new Fendi rap single.

Nicki Minaj’s retirement seems to be on hold for now, especially after the announcement of her new Fendi single with PNB Rock and Murda beats for her collection. The new single is set to release September 26, 2019 on all streaming platforms.

Minaj has been known to rap about Fendi, and keeps up with their latest fashions design. She recently wore some of their designs for Elle Magazine to give a sneak peak of Fendi’s collection by Steven Klien, which is soon to release Oct. 14. The collection features the artist in her popular barbie pink color that she is best known to wear.

With the release of the Fendi single, many fans are excited about Minaj’s return this fall. Nicki Minaj’s last single released was Hot Girl Summer with Megan Thee Stallion, Megatron, and Welcome to the Party remix with Pop Smoke this summer.

On Twitter, Barbs have expressed their excitement for Minaj’s new single and the release of her design collaboration.

With the release of Nicki Minaj’s Fendi single and collaboration, the artist’s retirement thankfully doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.