Nancy Pelosi’s Harper Bazaar Interview

(ABC/Paula Lobo)

The sophisticated, powerful Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, sits down with Harper Bazaar and discusses Trump, fashion, her life, and the challenge of being a woman in a male-dominated political field.

Nancy Pelosi sits down for the first time to interview with Maureen Dowd for Harper Baazar. Although she usually sits down for interviews at her office in Washington, the interview was conducted at Trinity College inside the churches’ chapel. Pelosi is a proud Italian catholic and went to Trinity College for her undergrad years. In the article, she discusses her faith, praying for Trump at church and at night, and wondering to her pastor if the prayers were working, as a result of Trumps.

Pelosi also reveals not only her faith but also her journey of becoming the strong, powerful woman she is in politics.  From becoming a member of the House in 1987, and being mistaken as a staffer and standing against the wall by other male members of congress. Pelosi has witnessed and been through challenging times. In the article, she even mentions the negative botox comments from Republican members calling her “Botox Nancy”. However, she disregards their comments, especially since they are false, and she doesn’t even like needles. Pelosi has a hard shell to break, especially after growing up with five brothers.

In the Harper Baazar interview, Pelosi explains her fashion sense and what makes her choose an outfit. She is known to look very stylish in Washington with beautiful coats and jackets from Max Mara.

Although the public highlights her fashion, Pelosi discusses that she doesn’t like to shop and surprisingly to everyone, gets embarrassed by the attention her wardrobe gets.

Through her challenges and struggles to become the strongest woman in politics,  Pelosi keeps encouraging and advocating for more women in politics. In the article, she discusses encouraging and supporting more women to run and be courageous.

Nancy Pelosi is more than a person’s Women Crush Wednesday, she represents what a powerful, courageous, and confident woman is.