Mcdonald’s Goes Plant-Based with the New P.L.T.


The quarter pounder is getting a plant-based makeover, and soon we’ll all be lovin’ it.


McDonald’s is changing the way we eat fast food. The fast-food chain known for making quick, craving-satisfying foods for the masses has teamed up with Beyond Meat Inc. for a new menu item. Beyond Meat is known for their realistic plant-based hamburger patties, and will certainly bring their trademark flavor to McDonalds’ new P.L.T.

In a news release, Mcdonald’s stated that these P.L.T.s will be “a delicious, juicy, perfectly dressed plant-based burger on a warm, soft, sesame seed bun with the iconic McDonald’s taste customers have come to love from McDonald’s.” Unfortunately for Americans, it will only be available in Canada for now.

The move is something that is further opening the world of fast food to plant-based consumers, which is still very limited. McDonald’s asks their customers for feedback on the burger, so they can determine if it will remain a menu item.

So get them while you can, because P.L.T.s might not be here forever.