Watch Adam Sandler’s ‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer

Will Heath/NBC

The official trailer for Adam Sandler’s Oscar buzz performance in the upcoming film, Uncut Gems, has been released.

The trailer for Safdie Brothers crime thriller drama, Uncut Gems, released officially today and left viewers amazed at Sandler’s performance. Adam Sandler plays Howard Ratner, a New York City jeweler who’s into gambling other people’s money, which leads him into dark difficult troubles. The movie also stars Idina Menzel, who plays Sandlers wife, Kevin Garnett, Mike Francessa, and The Weeknd.


This is The Weeknd’s first acting debut in a film and he stars as himself and seen in the trailer fighting Adam Sandler’s character. On Twitter, he posted the trailer and stated he was excited to be apart of the film and debut his acting.

The film is already in talks of Oscar nominations for Adam Sandler’s hustling character. Critics who have seen the movie at film festivals are giving Sandler positive reviews for his acting in the film.

Fans who have seen the trailer are also in awe of Sandlers acting in the new Uncut Gems trailer. Sandler is well known for his popular roles in The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, Grown Ups, Longest Yard, and his most recent film on Netflix, Murder Mystery. Sandler acting in a dramatical role is something many viewers and fans are excited to see.

Check out Adam Sandler’s role in the new Uncut Gems trailer.

Hopefully, Adam Sandler’s performance in Uncut Gems will give him his first Oscar.