Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK Meets Rihanna


BLACKPINK member, Jennie Kim, met Rihanna at the Fenty Beauty Masterclass and promo event at Seoul, Korea, and BLACKPINK fans are freaking out.

Jennie Kim, from the k-pop girl-band BLACKPINK, has fans freaking out through the surface pictures from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty party in Seoul. Rihanna and the Fenty beauty team traveled to South Korea to promote the new launch of Fenty Beauty in Asian countries.

Rihanna also held a beauty masterclass to give attendees the opportunity to ask her and the Fenty team questions. The Fenty masterclass included appearances from influencers like Aiko Narissara Yeung, J-Lou, and model Evelyn Choi.

After the masterclass, Rihanna launched a Fenty Beauty party in Seoul for influencers and celebrities. Jennie and Rihanna met each other for the first time and took pictures that got fans excited. Kim has been known to be a fan of Rihanna, and many BLACKPINK fans were excited for Jennie to meet her idol.

Hopefully, one day, Jennie Kim can collaborate with Rihanna for a Fenty Beauty collaboration.