Happy National Voter Registration Day


Sept. 24 marks National Voter Registration Day.

National Voter Registration Day is when citizens can register to vote for the first time or check to make sure they have the correct information to vote if previously registered. If someone has moved, changed their name, turned 18, and wants to participate in local and national elections, today is the day to register to vote. Voters who need to change the status of their preferred party or change their address can also re-register today online or locally in their state.

The National Voter Registration alliances and movement was created in 2012 to get more citizens registered and voting in the United States. All across the United States, citizens are acting today to register for the upcoming 2020 election. The next election for president will be Nov 3rd, 2020, where President Trump will compete against another presidential candidate from the Democratic, Republican or Independent party.

For National Voter Registration Day, celebrities like Tom Hanks, Elvira, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dinah Jane, Tracee Ellis Ross, have tweeted about the day and reminded their followers to register to vote. In addition, Ariana Grande, with collaboration from Head County Org at her concerts, can register to vote and today for national voter registration. By texting ARIANA to 4069 fans of Ariana Grande or anyone who has less than two minutes of time, can register to vote.

The HeadCount Organization is also collaborating with Charli XCX, Local Natives, Maggie Rogers, and Yungblood concerts today in Texas for National Registration Day.

Register to vote today or make sure you already are registered by checking online and make sure your voices will be heard.