Greta Thunberg Promotes a Powerful Message at Climate Action Summit


Thunberg left her mark at The Climate Action Summit and touched the hearts of many.

Greta Thunberg is no stranger to the climate control argument. She has been the young face of climate control for the past two years and is reminding everyone exactly what is at risk when we ignore the rapidly changing climate: the future of our younger generations.

In a powerful, and emotional speech at the beginning of the Climate Action Summit, which took place on Sept. 23, Thunberg reminded everyone of the harsh irony that youths fighting for climate change conveys. “I shouldn’t be up here,” she stated, “I should be going to school, on the other side of the ocean.” The message was powerful; how can we expect our youth to continue their studies when the world is falling apart around them? She continued by passionately asking those viewing the speech, “how dare you look away?”

She wasn’t the only young activist there. Alexandria Villaseñor, a teen climate activist, announced on behalf of those on stage that they had filed “an official complaint under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.” She explained that generations had signed a contract, promising to leave future generations with an Earth worth living; the current state of our climate is in breach of this.

The voices on stage were young, but they were not speaking new messages. Hopefully seeing the youth who will be affected by the decisions of older generations will finally convince people that climate change is real and we need to do something about it.