Demi Moore Makes an Appearance on Ellen After a Decade

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Tuesday, Sept. 24, features Demi Moore speaking on posing nude for the cover of Harper Bazaar, revealing her new memoir and more.

Demi Moore is back on Ellen after almost a decade. The 56-year-old actress goes into detail with Ellen on how she felt about posing nude for the cover of the October issue. The actress wore a bright pink floppy hat as her primary outfit attire. Moore made sure that her image was real and authentic without any enhancements. The two then switch gears and delve into Moore’s new book, “Inside Out.” The author tells how she spoke with her ex, Ashton Kutcher before the book’s release. Also, acknowledging all the experiences she wrote about are told from her point of view. Demi shares that throughout her journey, she realized her past doesn’t define her and everyone is worthy of love.

The mother of three mentioned to Ellen about remaining friends with her ex-husband Bruce Willis and how the two put their children first. Moore lets us know that she is pleased being single and enjoying her time with her seven rescue dogs at home.

Watch the full conversation between the two stars below to hear more!