Balenciaga Opens Flagship with Human-Like Mannequins


Over time we’ve seen mannequins become more and more realistic, but Balenciaga decided to take things to the next level. 


When visiting a store, it’s very common to see a skinny mannequin: a flat stomach, and nicely shaped figure overall. The more people speak on the concepts of natural beauty, the more we all realize how unrealistic these mannequins can be. In the past, mannequins were defined figures with a head and no face. Today we have them in all sorts of skin tones with eyes, lip shades, eyelashes, brows, and all sorts of other features. Recently Nike has received a load of appraisal for their wide range of mannequin figures and shades.

Now, Balenciaga is taking mannequins to the next level. With the opening of their New York flagship, Demna Gvaslia decided to take a new approach of mannequins. Walking into this Balenciaga flagship is like walking into a wax museum solely dedicated to Balenciaga.

Using 3D technology, these mannequins were designed based on models from Balenciaga’s runway shows and campaigns. These mannequins can also be found wearing the looks their inspired models wore.

It seems that technology continues to make a huge turn in today’s society and fashion is riding right along with it.