Ralph Lauren Has Released a ‘Friends’ Inspired Collection


Celebrate your favorite T.V. series’ 25th anniversary in stylish Ralph Lauren apparel.

The show Friends was a fashion inspiration for many during its airtime. The style on the show was the pinnacle of the ’90s and early 2000’s fashion; the characters were always dressed in trendsetting fashion thanks to costume designer Debby Mcguire who dressed the cast for the show’s entire 10-year run.

Now that the 25th anniversary of the show is approaching, it makes perfect sense that major fashion brands like Ralph Lauren make a line inspired by the relatable show. Ralph Lauren gives its buyers exactly what they want: to look as effortless and cute as Rachel Green.

The collection is featured on Ralph Lauren’s website and features some of the trademark outfit pieces from the whole crew. Things like a pleated leather mini skirt inspired by Rachel, a flowy midi skirt inspired by Pheobe, a black leather jacket inspired by Monica, a wool sweater that looks remarkably like Ross and Joey’s go-to look, and a good selection of office wear inspired by Chandler.

The collection allows Friends fans to reminisce upon their favorite looks from the show, and get a piece of their favorite character’s wardrobe in their closet forever.