Sarah Thomas Cannot Be Stopped


Sarah Thomas has become the first swimmer to cross the English Channel four times continuously. 

Sarah Thomas is a 37-year-old from Colorado. As an open water marathon swimmer, she has broken historical records this past week. Before she could conquer this goal, she first had to defeat another: The endurance swimmer was diagnosed with breast cancer less than two years ago in November 2017.

She completed numerous amount of treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery to beat cancer. She wanted to break this world record to raise awareness about breast cancer. She dedicated her victory to “all the survivors out there.”

Lizzie Simmonds, an Olympic swimmer from England, joined the world on commending Thomas on the great victory.

The course was estimated to be about 80 miles. However, due to the tides, Thomas swam 133 miles. It took approximately 54 hours and 13 minutes to complete. During her swim, she was stung in the face by a jelly-fish, but she persisted.