Fans Gathered for Annual ‘Sound of Music’ Sing-A-Long at Hollywood Bowl

Fans hold up cell phones during Captain Von Trapp’s ‘Edelweiss’ at the ‘Sound of Music’ Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl, September 21st, 2019.

Almost 18,000 fans filled the Hollywood Bowl on September 21st, 2019, for a sold-out Sing-A-Long, Sound of Music event.

Fans were welcomed to enjoy a pre-show of entertainment hosted by Melissa Peterson in her 15th year as MC. She judged costumes on the young and old as attendees were encouraged to dress up in their favorite homage to the movie and its stars.

Seats and boxes were filled with groups of nuns, lederhosen, girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, and tributes to the Von Trapp family as they nibbled and dined on the amazing food and drink at the Hollywood Bowl eateries or opting to bring their own picnic baskets from home.

If you have never visited the Hollywood Bowl for an event like this, no worries, its an annual event that has guests coming back year after year for the absolute delight in experiencing one of their favorite films with 18,000 mega fans.

No need to memorize the words as the lyrics are shown on the mega screen with an amazing sound system that encouraged thousands to belt out their favorite memories from this classic and beloved film. It wasn’t just a family affair as groups of Gen Z and Millenials arrived toasting with rose and pepperoni pizzas.

Gift bags included novelty event favors that had fans setting off party poppers and confetti cannons during the film’s most memorable highlights. Instructions included ‘hissing’ on sight of the Baroness, ‘Awwing’ when Gretl appears or ‘Booing’ during the infamous Nazi scenes. Fans let out cheers as Captain Von Trapp, upon arriving home from his honeymoon, shredded the Nazi flag that was hung at his doorstep.

Overall this is an event that you need to put on your calendar for next year. Some advice: Plan ahead. You will regret not dressing up at least partially and you definitely need to plan your meal with Hollywood Bowl ahead of time or bring your own rations to really enjoy the night.

For more information, check out Hollywood Bowl’s website.