‘Modern Family’ Cast Looks at Their First Interviews

(ABC/Jill Greenberg)

The Modern Family cast took a look at some “vintage” interviews.

(ABC/Tony Rivetti)

The cast from the Modern family has looked at their first promotional cast interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, and they have some hilarious reactions. “There’s gonna be a lot of weeping says,” says Elizabeth Banks before the clips roll. Sarah Hyland announced her feelings about the nostalgic moment on her twitter.

(ABC/Robert Ashcroft)

As the show enters its 11th and final season, the cast takes a look at old interviews that remind fans of just how long the show’s airtime has been. Some of the stars began the show as little kids, like Rico Rodriguez. The 21-years-old actor rewatched his 11-year-old self say “I always get the hottest mom’s,” referencing his screen mother, Sofia Vergara.

However, the most awkward moment arises from Jesse Ferguson mispronouncing castmate Sofia Vergara’s last name, repeatedly.

Watch the video to see just how different the cast is now, and how fast this family has grown before our eyes. The new season airs this upcoming Wednesday and will be the last season for the show.