‘Knives Out’ New Trailer Releases Its Epic Promo

Lionsgate Publicity/Claire Folger

The star-studded Knives Out film looks more and more strange each time we see it, but it is a great thing. 

Knives Out tells us a story about the lives of a wealthy family who seems to be living in absolute chaos from the death of their patriarch. The family members are all living on the edge as nobody can trust their other fellow family members. A detective comes into the family’s home for questioning on the death of their patriarch but soon comes to terms that the family is a bit odd, yet comedic. From the writer/director of Star Wars, this murder mystery saga is a load of thrilling entertainment. If you are planning on figuring out who murdered who before the movie ends, then you’re going to want to sharpen your reasoning skills before going to see this movie. Watch big stars like; .@Chris Evans, .@Katherine Langford, .@Daniel Craig, .@Jamie Lee Curtis and more take on this chilling, but surprisingly hilarious film. A new trailer will be released soon.

Watch the clip below for a closer look at the movie!

Jamie Lee Curtis took to twitter to remind us how dysfunctional this movie will be.

Knives Out premiers in theaters on November 28, 2019.