Instagram Is Buckling down on Posts That Promote Weight Loss Products


The ugly truth about diet teas and lollipops promoted all over Instagram by popular influencers is finally coming out. It’s been a long time coming… Instagram has now launched a new policy that restricts posts relating to diet teas, lollipops, and shakes. A majority of these dietary supplements come from the well-known brand, Flat Tummy Co.

You may recognize that name from some of your favorite celebrities/influencers such as Iggy Azaelea, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian, who promote the weight loss brand on their social media platforms.


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We live in a day and age where social media can be extremely pivotal to your social status. The youth of today are constantly being compared to unrealistic standards of beauty that result in major mental health issues. The hard truth about social media is that it isn’t real.  A majority of what we see is not exactly reality and it has become extremely harmful to a large majority of onlookers. This includes the dangers of dietary supplements that are constantly being promoted.


Well, here’s what they don’t tell you about these products you’re disposing into your body. The dietary supplements contain a herb called Senna. Senna has been deemed a “laxative” with some intolerable side effects such as uncontrollable diarrhea. Body positive role model, Jameela Jamil, comments, “When will these women who are covered in plastic surgery stop telling their followers to drink a laxative to look like them?… Be better allies.”


The new policy is restricting promotional posts on weight-loss products and cosmetic procedures to viewers under 18 on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram comments, “Well will continue to listen to our community and evolve the policy as needed but we believe this is a positive step in protecting people on Instagram.”

Great job Instagram, we hope to see a change in policies throughout all social media platforms and an even broader change from the influencers who promote them.