Blake Lively is Unrecognizable in Her New Movie ‘The Rhythm Section’


Paramount Pictures’ new film “The Rhythm Section” stars Blake Lively as she transforms herself to take on the role. 

Her character, Stephanie Patrick, spirals out of control after finding out the truth behind her family’s death. Nothing will stop her character from going after the ones who are responsible and gaining the revenge she wants and needs. The movie that the film is based on is a best-selling novel, and takes us for a ride of action packed scenes and emotional feelings. Lively poured her heart and soul into the role and even injured herself preparing for one of the scenes, but that didn’t slow down the determined actress.

Paramount Pictures


Watch the latest version of the trailer for the upcoming film below.

We can’t wait to see how Lively pulls off her revenge and takes her worth back in the movie. Stay tuned for more clips from the thriller.