Avril Lavigne Celebrates Her Hits


Avril Lavigne takes the stage with her first tour in 5 years to perform a triumph of songs that represent her life and legacy. 

Just because the pink hair, dark eyeliner, and neck-tie rocking outfits have disappeared doesn’t mean that Avril Lavigne can’t rock it out anymore. Lavigne proved that she is still a rock star at heart and knows how to rock the stage, but with a little more maturity this time. The singer began her first show with a performance of “Breakaway,” a hit song she wrote for Kelly Clarkson back in 2004.


She then switched gears with an instrumental pop song of “Hello Kitty.” Lavigne has been taking an extended break from the entertainment industry due to her battle with Lyme disease. She has certainly maintained an air of mystic from her two decades of time off. Her sixth album dropped in February of this year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Avril Lavigne has taken to social media to show appreciation for her fans, and to let them know she still loves rocking out with them.

We are so happy to see the artist who made our pre-teen years an array of emotions back at again — looking forward to seeing what she does next!