Shia LaBeouf Takes the Hot Seat on Season 10 of ‘Hot Ones’


As Hot Ones gears up for their 10th season, Shia LaBeouf braves the heat of spicy chicken wings with even spicier questions.

Hot Ones is a unique web series hosted by Sean Evans who brilliantly pulls information out of favorite celebrities with spicy chicken wings. As Evans presents each question, the spicy wings get progressively hotter. The hot sauce on each wing mimics a truth serum, revealing the most honest, and authentically hilarious answers from his guest.

Since the pilot premiere of Hot Ones back in 2015, the YouTube web series has produced countless episodes with some of our favorite celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Keke Palmer, Gabrielle Union, DJ Khalid, Liam Payne, Kevin Durant, and more.

Thursday, September 19th, 2019, Hot Ones celebrates their 10th season with Shia LaBeouf.


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Hot Ones SEASON 10 we’ll see ya on Thursday 🚨🚨

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We can’t wait to see Shia LaBeouf brave the heat of spicy chicken wings with Sean Evans. Guests are allowed to tap-out if they deem the wings are too spicy, but most stick through it and come out as champions.

Check out this hilarious teaser clip of what to expect from the Transformers actor.


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TOMORROW on the #HotOnes SEASON 10 PREMIERE we’re kicking it off with #ShiaLaBeouf in the #HotOnes hot seat! 🔥💀

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Shia LaBeouf’s most recent project includes Honey Boy, a drama based on the actor’s troubled childhood and early adult years as he tries to reconcile with his father and mental health issues. Shia LaBeouf will play the father in this captivating film, which is set to release November 8, 2019.

Season 10 of Hot Ones premieres Thursday, September 19th at 11 am EST on YouTube. Check out the new hot sauce lineup for the upcoming season: