Céline Dion Returns with New Music


Céline Dion has released three new singles from her new album, Courage, as she prepares for her world tour.  

ShutterstockCéline Dion’s new album, Courage, will be the first English album she has recorded in six years. The official release is set for November 16, however, Dion announced that fans can pre-order the album today.

With the official announcement of her new album, Dion has released three new singles entitled: “Imperfections,” “Lying down,” and “Courage.”


Dion has also announced her world tour for her newest album, while keeping fans updated on the preparation process. She will be traveling across North America, and all the way back to her home country, Canada.

The musician has had a busy year as a result of her part in the fashion industry. From ruling the Met Gala, covering CR’s Fashion Book, and being inducted into Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list of 2019, it is obvious that Céline Dion is making an impact on fashion.  As this powerhouse continues to tie up her passions in a fashion forward bow, we look forward to what this new album will bring to the musical world.