Tyler The Creator Releases “A BOY IS A GUN” Music Video

(Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Tyler, the Creator’s romantic life seems to be feeling some unpleasant aftershocks.

The musician has released a video for the song “A BOY IS A GUN”  from his album IGOR  and it is impressive. The video, directed by Wolf Haley, uses a lavish mansion as scenery and features some similar aspects to his video for the song “EARFQUAKE”.

In Tyler’s “A BOY IS A GUN” video, viewers see him in a colorful pastel suit and wig that Tracee Ellis Ross describes as “the friendliest hair [she’s] ever seen.” He watches the daily happenings of an attractive man, calling him dangerous.

Could this be the man who will make his “earthquake”?  Maybe not. The video shows the man leaving with a young woman and a frantic Tyler running after them.

This further illuminates Tyler, the Creator’s incredible creative skill and leaves fans wondering what songs will get a visual story next.