Upcoming Episodes of ‘Succession’ to Look Forward to the Rest of the Season on HBO

Peter Kramer/HBO

Things will continue to be shaken in the Roy family empire as the season continues before its highly-anticipated season finale.

HBO’s critically acclaimed comedy-drama series “Succession” future episodes will continue to have even more family betrayal and jaw-dropping reveals for the rest of the season.

Episode seven in season two, titled “Return,” will air Sunday, Sept. 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. During episode seven, viewers will begin to see how the family deals with consequences that follow accepting a failed deal. You will also see unexpected confrontation between Shiv and her father, Logan Roy, when she shows up unexpectedly to get answers from him. Kendall and Roman will also have to make a quick trip to the United Kingdom to make amends and come to an agreement with their mother. Tom is currently in New York and begins to feel unexpected pressure during  an Internal Revenue Service investigation. During the investigation, Greg takes necessary precautions to protect himself.

Episode eight, titled “Dundee,” will air the following week on Sept. 29. The family travels to Logan’s hometown of Dundee, Scotland to celebrate Logan being in business for 50 years. During the trip, Logan begins to reflect on his past life and the future of the company. With a takedown of Rhea on her mind, Shiv looks for support within the family. The family begins to worry more about the company’s future when a former employee refuses to keep their silence.

Peter Kramer/HBO

Episode nine, titled “DC” will air the following week, Oct. 6. While Waystar Royco and the shareholders are in a meeting, Logan, Kendall, Gerri, and Tom will all have to testify before Congress and have to deal with consequences from Gil Eavis when asked questions. To help protect the family name, Shiv speaks to the victim who has been made the key witness. Things take a bad turn for Roman’s business that he begins to try to recover.

“Succession” was renewed for a third season with an expected air date in 2020. Check out these much-anticipated new episodes, and keep an eye out for the third season next year.