Michelle Phan’s YouTube Comeback


The original Youtube beauty blogger, Michelle Phan, makes her YouTube comeback after two years.

Michelle Phan is one of the original Youtube beauty bloggers before there was James Charles, Bretman Rock, or Nikkie Tutorials. Phan began her YouTube Chanel in 2007 and became viral for her Lady Gaga Bad Romance makeup tutorial, which currently has up to 53 million views.  After becoming a viral sensation and having a persisting following as a result of her creative content; she’s known very well in the beauty industry as a result of her YouTube.

Although Phan has been one of the original Youtube bloggers, she posted a video discussing why she left youtube two years ago. In the video, she explained the authentic joy from starting a YouTube and making videos, and the difficulties of chasing after success and feeling disconnected from herself. YouTube became her outlet in the beginning, but as she got farther into her career it began to take a negative toll on mental health. As a result, she decided to take a break from YouTube and start over by finding herself and making her EM Cosmetics brand.

Check out Michelle Phan’s comeback video, to get insight on what’s she’s doing since her Youtube break.

The recent video she posted titled, Hello :), trended on Youtube and Twitter with fans raving about the recent upload after seeing her last video from two years ago.