Happy Birthday Jenna Marbles


Another wonderful year of Jenna Marbles content.

If you’ve ever been on Youtube, then you know who Jenna Marbles is. The content creator has amassed almost 20 million subscribers in the past 13 years of her Youtube career, and has never failed to provide the quirky content her fans love.

Marbles recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, making her a “33-year-old lady,” as she would say. She released the traditional video of her well-known boyfriend, Julien Somata, cooking her a meal while she lounges in her self-proclaimed “lounge-suit”.

Many fellow content creators took time to wish the Youtube star a happy birthday including Shane Dawson and Saffiya Nygard.


Watch the hilarious video below.

All we can do now is the wish the Youtube star the best year of 33 yet, happy birthday Jenna Marbles.