Jesy Nelson’s Inspiring ‘Odd One Out’ Documentary


Jesy Nelson, one of the members of the hit girl group, Little Mix, released her inspiring eye-opening documentary on BBC.

Jesy Nelson’s Odd One Out documentary highlights the dangers of cyberbullying and social media to a person’s mental health. Jesy Nelson opens up about her struggles with her mental health as a result of the cyberbullying she experienced during X-Factor. Little Mix became a group on X-Factor and won season eight of X-Factor UK in 2011. During Jesy’s time on X-Factor, many people started bullying Jesy, commenting negatively on her weight and facial features. As a result of the cyber-bullying, Jesy discusses the negative tolls they took on her, even discussing her suicide attempt because of the negative comments.

Jesy’s documentary also highlights the impact suicide has on a person’s loved ones. Jesy’s mother became very emotional discussing Jesy’s suicide attempt and the impact cyberbullying had on Jesy, compared to when Jesy wasn’t famous.  In the documentary, Jesy travels to meet the parents of Sian Waterhouse, who ended her life because of negative comments and bullying on her appearance on facebook. The documentary highlights mental health and makes sure to bring awareness to suicide and the importance of finding someone or an outlet to talk to someone about your mental health state.

The documentary has brought many viewers insight into Jesy’s life and the call for action. Many people on Twitter are calling for school’s to show the documentary and for people to be more kind to each other.

The Odd One Out documentary has brought a lot of positivity and awareness about cyber-bullying and the importance of mental health. Watch the trailer for the raw and honest documentary below.