Beyoncé’s ‘Making the Gift’ Special on ABC


Beyoncé will give the world access to the process of making her inspired Lion King album, The Gift, Monday night on ABC. 

Beyoncé’s ABC special, Beyoncé Presents: Making the Gift , will show Beyoncé’s process of making her album and behind the scene footage. Beyoncé’s special will give fans insight into the process of choreography, artistic decisions, and the music process.

The special will include footage of Beyoncé’s process of making her music videos “Spirit” and “Bigger.” The Gift album featured many artists like Donald Glover, Kendrick Lamar, Burna Boy, Tekno, Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Major Lazer, Wizkid, and Blue Ivy Carter, along with other various artists. Beyoncé’s album featured many African artists and recorded in Africa, where Beyoncé spent many of her time receiving inspiration for the album.

The special was announced on ABC’s twitter surprising Bee-hive and Lion King fans. Many bee-hive fans are excited for the announcement and another chance to get insight into Beyoncé’s creative process. Earlier this year Beyoncé released her Netflix documentary Homecoming, which brought millions of viewers to the documentary. With the release of both projects by Beyoncé this year, fans are overly grateful and excited on Twitter.

The ABC special is bound to be another hit. Make sure to catch it on ABC at 10/9c on Monday, September 16th.