The Premiere of Goldfinch Hits Theaters Friday

USA Today

Ansel Elgort and Nicole Kidman hit the big screen on Friday as they feature in the new film, Goldfinch

The drama, that looks amazing according to the reviews, bounces between a series of unfortunate events that the characters endure. The main character’s life has been altered by terrorist bombing that took his mother’s life years back. After surviving a deadly explosion, Ansel’s character is essential orphaned, and is soon being taken care of by a school chum’s wealthy family.

The title of the film is based on a dutch painting that the main character takes under his possession and keeps secret. The movie consists of time lapses throughout the character’s life. The thoughts and feelings he has of his mother begin to consume his reality and dreams. Through Russian accents and plot thickened issues, the film takes us through a number of scenes explaining the lives of the many characters and developing the mood of the drama.

Don’t forget to see the new movie, this Friday, in theaters near you.